Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 6

October 14, 2012

How far along? 6 Weeks

How big is baby? A sweat pea or a lentil seed

Total weight gain/loss: +1lb. I am in survival mode this week due to some sickness/hunger issues. When I weight in on Thursday, I'll reassess my habits.

Maternity clothes? Normal clothes are fine this week. In fact, I feel like my bloat has gone down, for the most part. I did order some cute clearance items from Old Navy last weekend and they came in on Friday! Woohoo! I love new clothes...even if I shouldn't be wearing them until the spring. 

Sleep: Pretty good. I've heard horror stories about women having to get up and pee in the middle of the night. That's not me-yet. I actually don't feel like I have to pee that much more in general. I would say I'm up about an hour earlier than I need to be about 4 days out of the week, which sucks, but it isn't so bad.

Best moment this week: Telling our friend Bryan that we are expecting. We went to dinner on Friday with him and some other friends. I was afraid I would be found out at dinner when I didn't order a drink. I made it through the evening incognito, but when it was just the three of use back at Bryan's house, making dinner plans for the next evening, I told him I had to be careful about eating sushi at this point. He is very excited for us, but afraid we'll abandon him after the baby comes.

Movement: None

Food cravings: A milkshake has sounded so good this week. And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had have neither.

Food Aversions: After waking up waaaaaay too early on Tuesday, I grabbed a banana to supplement breakfast as I ran out the door. As soon as I peeled it, I nearly ralphed. I couldn't get rid of that banana soon enough-the sight and smell of it was absolutely appalling.

Gender: I still think it's a boy.

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: I am starting to wonder if I'm not becoming anemic already. I have some serious issues with getting sick feeling if I don't eat soon enough. I'm also finding, though, that it's not just about eating something, but more about having some sort of meat. I've been eating a lot of string cheese and greek yogurt, hoping that the protein would help me out, in addition to grapes, apples, and carrots, but when I had a random mid-afternoon burger on Friday and chicken sandwich on Saturday, I did so much better. 

Belly Button in or out? Definitely in.

What I miss:  I wish my sushi options had not been so limited last night. I got a veggie roll and a shrimp tempura roll, which were great, but everyone else's tuna looked amazing. I plan on letting myself enjoy some sushi once I get out of my first trimester, but I'm being overly cautious for now.

What I am looking forward to: Being able to tell more people.

Upcoming appointments/events: We meet with the OB Coordinator on Thursday! We will go over my medical history, insurance information, and do some initial bloodwork. They say this appoint will last about an hour. I feel like this will make it "more real," if there is such a thing.

Weekly Wisdom: "Do what you can, when you can." After feeling so crappy this week, I will clean when I feel like it and nap when I feel like it. 

Milestones: None right now...

You can tell it's been rough...glasses and all.

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