Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 16

How far along? 16 weeks

How big is baby? An avocado-4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces

Total weight gain/loss: Forgot to weigh in this morning. 

Maternity clothes? I wore some this week. I had a freak out moment Tuesday night about not having any clothes that look right in me right now, so I ended up going shopping Thursday afternoon and getting 2 maternity sweaters and 2 maternity t-shirts. I think the problem is I'm so much more bloated in the evening than I am in the morning. It's ridiculous. 

Sleep: Much better! Only waking up once or so to go to the bathroom, but getting back to sleep is pretty easy. 

Best moment this week: Winter break! Not necessarily a pregnancy related thing, but I think I will be able to caught up on some rest and feel less zombie like when school starts again.

Movement: I was certain I felt it last week, but this week, I'm not so sure. I'm freaking out that the baby has passed on one level, but I logically know and understand that it's still early and either a) I didn't really feel it last week or b) it's there, I just haven't felt it this week. 

Food Cravings: Still milk, and I hate that cookies and sweets are so accessible right now!

Food Aversions: None in particular. 

Gender: This week I'm more inclined to think its a girl. 

Labor Signs: None. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: The acne is back this week, especially on my back. The bloat is bad in the evening. I had a kid tell me at a performance Tuesday evening that she thought I was going to "carry big." Thanks, kid. After already feeling bad about myself, add to that holiday stress, exhaustion, and hormones, I was done. Of course, Thursday morning, another kid told me I was too skinny and wanted to know when I was going to start looking pregnant, further cementing the idea that my bloat is much worse in the evening than in the morning. I think it's exacerbated by the need to urinate as well. 

Belly Button in or out? In. 

What I miss: I missed my husband this week. He was out of town at a conference Wednesday through last night late. It's good to have him home!

What I am looking forward to: Christmas! I'm so excited for Christmas this year and I have no clue why. I had a crazy pregnant lady moment earlier this week. I had an obsession with being able to tell our families the sex on Christmas. I called an elective ultrasound place to see if they had any appointments available for Christmas Eve. My plan was to schedule it, and if the husband didn't approve, I'd cancel it. It ended up being a non-issue, as they had no appointments available. I could have gotten an appointment for next Friday, but I've decided to be patient and wait for the anatomy scan. 

Upcoming appointments/events: 16 week check up is scheduled for Friday. I'm hoping we can go ahead and schedule our anatomy scan then. 

Weekly Wisdom: Celebrate.

Milestones: Nothing really at this. Just plugging along for now.

My Shirt is a little full in the back in this picture, making me a little thicker than I really am. I promise. week I am going to take a morning and evening picture for comparison. I swear it's huge.

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